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'Global legal framework' needed to combat terrorism, says PM Modi at International Lawyers' conference

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed for the need for an unbiased, strong and independent judiciary in working towards a developed nation by the year 2047 and emphasised on need for a global legal framework to combat terrorism.
Addressing the International Lawyers’ Conference 2023 in Vigyan Bhawan in the national capital, PM Modi said, “One month ago, Bharat became the first nation to reach the South pole of the moon. We are working towards becoming a developed (nation) by 2047. For this, an unbiased, strong, and independent judiciary is needed.”
He emphasised on bringing in a global legal framework to prevent cyber terrorism, money laundering or artificial intelligence misuse.
“I am hoping that through this conference, we can all learn from each other...Whether it is cyber terrorism, money laundering, artificial intelligence or its misuse- we need a global framework for these. It's not one government that can do this. Common rules and regulations will have to be made. So that we can establish peace in the world. Legal frameworks of different countries need to join together,” the PM said.
The Prime Minister added, “Bharat completed 75 years of independence recently. In the fight for independence, the legal fraternity played a huge role. Many lawyers left their practice to join the independence movement. The independent judiciary of Bharat has a major role to play in why the world today believes in Bharat.”
The PM also congratulated the Supreme Court for providing operative parts of the judgements in the language of the litigants.
“Language and simplicity of law is another area of the justice delivery system that isn't talked about much. Earlier, drafting any law was very complex. We are trying to find solutions to this. We have taken the first step to simplify the Data Protection law,” PM Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi said his government is making sincere attempts to draft laws in a simple manner and in Indian languages to the maximum extent.
"We in the Indian government are thinking that law should be produced in two ways. One draft will be in the language you are used to" the Prime Minister said.
"The second draft will be in a language which the country's common man can understand. He should consider the law his own," he said.
The PM said that the lawyers’ conference coincided with several important developments in India, including the passage of the women's reservation bill and the successful landing of the Chandrayaan-3 mission on the south pole of the Moon.
“Recently Women's Reservation Bill was passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam will give a new direction and energy to the women-led development in India,” he said.
He emphasized that the new Women’s Reservation Bill gives new strength to the country.
The inaugural event was also attended by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and Union Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal.
Speaking on occasion, the CJI said that it is not utopian to aspire to a world where nations, institutions, and most importantly individuals are open to engaging with one another.
“It is utopian to think that there will be a day when we will find perfect solutions and no challenge to justice delivery. However, it is not utopian to aspire to a world where nations, institutions, and most importantly individuals are open to engaging with one another,” the CJI said in his address.
Union Minister for Law and Justice Arjun Ram Meghwal said that the quality of life along with ease of doing business has increased due to reforms in the Commercial Act, reforms in the Arbitration Act 2015, 17 and 19 and reforms in the Arbitration Law.
"During the Covid period, most of the judicial services in India have been completed under the supervision and leadership of the Supreme Court. This is a big thing. There have also been developments in Lawyers' Chambers for lawyers," he added.
The Law Minister further said, “Under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Government of India has further strengthened contract enforcement and commercial dispute resolution. Various steps and measures have been taken to strengthen the ease of doing business and increase the confidence of business and investors."
The International Lawyer's Conference 2023 is being organised by the Bar Council of India on the theme ‘Emerging Challenges in Justice Delivery System’ on September 23 and 24.
The conference aims to serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue and discussion on various legal topics of national and international importance, foster the exchange of ideas and experiences, and strengthen international cooperation and understanding of legal issues.
The conference, which is being organised for the first time in the country, will discuss topics such as emerging legal trends, challenges in cross-border litigation, legal technology, environmental law etc.
The programme will witness the participation of distinguished judges, legal professionals, and leaders of the global legal fraternity.

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