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New Delhi: After becoming the BJP state president, Chittorgarh MP CP Joshi has refuted the allegation that he belongs to any group and has talked about taking everyone along. Joshi also targeted the Gehlot government.

Talking to First India in New Delhi after meeting party incharge Arun Singh, he said, “I will work as an activist. I am a party worker; the basis of my selection also seems to be the same. I do not belong to any faction. I belong to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The responsibility of the president has been given, but I will try as a worker that by taking everyone’s guidance and coordinating with everyone, how can we get a huge majority for the party in 2023 and 2024.”

On the question of factionalism and not being able to surround the government in four years, Joshi said, “BJP is a big family. Will take guidance of senior and experienced people. Janakrosh Yatra was the biggest political yatra in the history of Rajasthan. All our leaders went from village to village. Thousands of complaints were received against the government.”

Joshi further said, “On many issues ranging from REET, the Gehlot government is surrounded not only by the BJP, but also by the people of his party. Only their MLAs are besieging the government. Even the CM advisor is saying in the House that there is corruption. Congress MLAs are saying that the government is not keeping its promises.”

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