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Delhi hotel files case against man for duping Rs 3.65 lakh

New Delhi: ITC Maurya Hotel in Delhi's Chanakyapuri filed a complaint against a man for allegedly duping Rs 3.65 lakh.
The hotel in its complaint said that a guest claimed payment of Rs 6.5 lakh by showing a fake Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number. The unpaid bill that the guest was supposed to pay amounted to Rs 3,65,965. ITC Maurya, Chanakyapuri manager Anand Bhardwaj has filed an FIR stating that one Pushkar Goel and his family had checked into the hotel on May 28. Goel had booked two rooms and the guest was supposed to pay for all charges on May 31.
However, when Goel was asked by the hotel staff to make the payment on the same date, he said that he had already transferred an amount of Rs 6,50,000 through bank transfer. However, after checking it was revealed that no money was transferred from the guest and he had used a fake UTR number to show the details of the transaction to the hotel staff.
The ITC Maurya staff subsequently alerted their team and asked Goel for the payment.
In the FIR, Bharadwaj mentioned that when they confronted him, he assured them that the payment will be made on June 3.
Further, when he was asked for the payment on the same date he evaded the situation, the FIR mentioned.
Goel also threatened the staff saying that they are keeping him as hostage instead of him making the full payment for the services.
The Hotel Manager further revealed that when he went to his room for the payment, he saw a woman whose name was not registered by the hotel staff.
The FIR further stated that Goel was availing all kinds of services including the meals at the coffee shop as well as the minibar.
Goel hurled abusive language at the hotel staff and kicked a glass table causing serious damage to it in the conference room when asked to pay, the FIR stated.
Goel also threatened to call the police claiming that the hotel staff was threatening him using false allegations.
Delhi Police started an investigation. (ANI)

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