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Court directs Delhi Police to constitute joint task force with UP Police to check illegal sand mining in Yamuna

New Delhi: The Delhi High court on Monday directed Delhi Police to constitute a joint task force with Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police to monitor and stop the illegal sand mining in River Yamuna in the Alipur area. The High Court also expressed its concern over rampant illegal sand mining in the river. The High has also called for a further status report.
Justice Prathiba M Singh on Monday directed the concerned Deputy Commissioner of police (DCP) to coordinate with the SSP Ghaziabad, UP and constitute a Joint Task Force (JTF) with the UP police to monitor and stop illegal sand mining in river Yamuna. The High court also directed that the joint task force (JTF) shall regularly monitor the Yamuna bank and ensure to stop illegal sand mining.
The high court also said that the picket shall also be posted to ensure a stop to illegal sand mining.
The bench also took note of the fact illegal sand mining is going on engaging dumpers and earth excavators. The high court expressed its concern over the environmental damage due to illegal sand mining.
The bench also took note of the deed between the DM Ghaziabad and one security agency permitting excavators and JCB machines is also of enormous concern.
The High court directed to send the copy of the order to the SSP Ghaziabad for intimation.
The bench passed the direction after hearing the submission of Advocate for Petitioner Ravinder.
The court also perused the status report filed by authorities. The report said that some portion of the area is in Delhi and some portion is in UP.
It also stated that on March 14, 2023 tractor and trolly were sized by the authorities. However, the court filed the status report unsatisfactorily and passed the direction for the constitution of the JTF.
The petition was filed one Ravinder alleging illegal sand mining in the river Yamuna. The high court called for a status report in February 2023. The matter has been listed in July. (ANI)

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