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Came with ‘Hope’ in 2014, ‘Trust’ in 2019 and ‘Guarantee’ in 2024!

Nalbari/New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has once again stated that the BJP will win 2024 Lok Sabha Elections with more than 400 seats. Speaking at public campaign rally in Assam’s Nalbari, Modi termed it as a “Guarantee”.

“I congratulate people on Bihu. Today is Ram Navami as well. Lord Ram has returned at 500 years. This would be first 3-storied meeting. It is indicative of what will happen on June 4. June 4, 400 paar. Fir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar. I have come with Modi’s guarantee. It is guarantee of guarantee,” the PM said. “Modi came with hope in 2014, trust in 2019 and guarantee in 2024. Free ration will be provided to all without discrimination for the next 5 years,” he added. PM also recalled the newly built Ayodhya Ram Temple, saying that birth celebrations of Lord Ram were being held there after 500 years.

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