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Amritpal Singh's associates shifted out of Punjab after intelligence report on possible jail break

New Delhi: Pro-Khalistan supporters and associates of Amritpal Singh were shifted out of Punjab after Central Intelligence agencies raised concerns over possible jailbreak and repeat of the Ajnala incident.
Thousands of Amritpal's supporters had entered the Ajnala police station in Amritsar on February 23 this year to free a member, who had been arrested in an abduction case. A source in Intelligence agencies has confirmed that after they had a meeting with state police officers and shared their intelligence report on arrested 'Waris Punjab De' (WPD) associates under the National Security Act (NSA) and recommended shifting them out of Punjab.
Associates of Amritpal Singh have been shifted to the Dibrugarh jail in Assam due to security reasons.
The report said that the arrested persons would have indulged in jailbreak, had they been put in jail in Punjab.
"They would have radicalized other jailed criminals and would have associated them in Anandpur Khalsa Fauj/AKF," the report said.
It further read that they would have created a law and order situation by mobilizing support against the arrest as seen in the Ajnala incident. Either they would have run their criminal activities from within the jail in Punjab.
The report read that the arrested persons were charged under NSA because they are using youth for violence and promoting gun culture by naming his private militia as Anandpur Khalsa Fauj/AKF, a threat to national integrity by openly declaring that they do not believe in State and defying orders of Punjab Government not to display weapons in open, beating youth so-called drug de-addiction centres who did not toe the line of WPD etc.
"Had action not been taken under NSA, goons of Waris Punjab De would have repeated such incidents as they did not believe in the majesty of the law. Their links with proscribed outfit SFJ (Sikhs for Justice) who have now come in open support of WPD," it said.
In the Ajnala incident, the supporters of Amritpal brandished swords and high-calibre firearms and threatened the police with dire consequences if they did not release Lovepreet Toofan.
The supporters, brandishing swords and guns, broke through police barricades erected outside the Ajnala police station. (ANI)

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