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Amritpal Singh used to beat his wife regularly, is anti-feminist, say intel agencies

New Delhi: Amritpal Singh, Khalistani supporter and head of the organization Waris Punjab De, kept his wife in captivity, beat her up regularly, and was associated with several other women, according to inputs by intelligence agencies.
A report by Central Intelligence agencies reveals that Amritpal was living a lavish lifestyle in Dubai without following Sikh tenets and was not an Amritdhari Sikh. Probe agencies are investigating why Singh visited Thailand numerous times, including whether he was indulging in prostitution or did he have a girlfriend in Thailand and was he maintaining a second wife in Thailand?
His organisation gave no prominent role to women. Reena Roy, the girlfriend of late Deep Sidhu was not allowed to open up about Amritpal's association with Deep Sidhu. Kirandip Kaur, the wife of Amritpal Singh has been kept in captivity and beaten up regularly him.
Amritpal Singh called his marriage an example of reverse migration projecting he will stay in Punjab. Probe agencies are also question the premise of Amritpal Singh's organisation and is seeking answers on why no women were at the forefront if it was actually a fight against drugs. Women of any family are the biggest sufferers of the widespread drug menace phenomenon. As they have not been at the forefront, it shows that it is not an actual fight against drugs, but only a show-off, according to intelligence reports.
Amritpal does not talk about his past as it is overtly due to possible damage to his image leading to a decrease in credibility. He was closely involved with drug dealers in Dubai namely Jaswant Singh Rode whose brother is operating from Pakistan, reads the report.
He does not talk about his past life where he was non-Amritdhari and not following Sikh religious tenets. After coming to India, he and his organization started working as a religious fundamentalist cum vigilante group, completely contradictory to his earlier personality which clearly shows that he has been planted in India by forces inimical to Indian interest, according to intelligence reports. (ANI)

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