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Alliance is top priority for all parties in Bihar!

New Delhi: In Bihar, whether it is BJP, Congress, RJD or JDU, everyone’s priority is alliance. Everyone has been hurt at one point or the other, so no one is ready to take the risk. Last time i.e. in 2019, RJD contested with Congress and could not win even a single Lok Sabha seat. Prior to that i.e. in 2014, JDU contested the Lok Sabha polls alone and got only two seats. BJP had contested assembly elections in 2015 without JDU and got a total of 54 seats. Upendra Kushwaha fought with the RJD last time leaving the BJP and could not win a single Lok Sabha seat. So, all the parties are giving priority to alliance on the basis of their past experience. Everyone has to form such an alliance in which they can win the elections.

That’s why RJD leader and Deputy Chief Minister of the state Tejashwi Yadav has given a blunt message to all the leaders of his party that they do not need to say anything about the alliance. Tejashwi said that neither Nitish Kumar is in a hurry to become the Prime Minister nor he himself is in a hurry to become the Chief Minister of Bihar and that there is no problem in the Grand Alliance and everything is going well. So, he has paved the way for Nitish Kumar. There is no threat to the alliance. But JDU leaders have started feeling threatened.

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