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Worldomania's Founder, Harshit Agarwal, explains why digital marketing is the future of marketing

You can reach customers across the world, while operating your business from a small town, with the help of digital marketing. That is what Harshit Agarwal, a digital marketing expert from Bareilly, U.P., has been doing for quite some time now.

Harshit is the founder of Worldomania, a top-notch digital marketing agency. In this article, he shares several reasons to explain why digital marketing is the future of marketing.

Digital marketing enables businesses to reach a broader audience and distribute their products and services globally. It is the opportunity that digital marketing provides, and it is for this reason that digital marketing is the future of marketing for every firm in the world. A larger targeted audience means more potential for your business to prosper and flourish.

Here are seven reasons why digital marketing is the future of marketing:

You need digital marketing to take your business online

The first principle that any business follows is to go where its customers are. As a result, companies must go online, where most of their customers exist. And that too not just for their business operations but also for marketing.

Every company, whether a global behemoth or a small-town hotel, is becoming digital. This is because everyone is online. Many factors led to this.

One of the most essential parts has been mobile, which accounts for almost half of all web traffic. According to statistics, the vast majority of customers are found online. As a consequence, advertising your brand in locations where more people are likely to notice it makes sense.

Businesses choose digital marketing because it offers a diverse range of effective marketing tactics with the highest conversion rates.

There is no immediate requirement to physically deploy employees to publicize your company. You may send a profitable offer or a discount code to your audience whenever you want if you have a solid relationship with them. All of this is made feasible by digital marketing.

A broader audience

The usage of digital marketing allows one to reach a larger target audience to deliver their product or service.

You may utilize internet marketing to reach worldwide audiences from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. That is the potential provided by digital marketing.

As a result, digital marketing is the future of marketing for every company on the planet. A larger targeted audience equals more opportunities for your business to grow. What one would not want that?

More effective than traditional marketing

Before the internet marketing boom, marketing was done door-to-door and word-of-mouth. There was also print media. This is the time for Digital Marketing.

Why is this so? Because it outperforms its predecessors in terms of benefits. Digital marketing enables real-time monitoring and rapid client feedback, which was not possible with print media.

It allows you to reach a larger target audience, as previously said. You can do all of this without leaving your office!

Increased engagement

If you're creative and can create interesting content, digital marketing is the job for you. Digital marketing allows businesses to interact with their customers and target audiences.

This enables firms to more effectively identify their client's needs while also establishing trust and distinct brand identity with them.

Because social media has the largest audience of any virtual or physical medium, engagement is predicted to be strong. So why not make use of it for converting purposes? Why not use interaction to convey to the public your brand's credibility? That is exactly what a well-known brand does through digital marketing.


A Facebook advertisement costs Rs 80 per day. Newspaper advertisements, on the other hand, cost hundreds of rupees. Where do you think a start-up or small business will invest the most?

Conventional marketing is more costly and less effective than digital marketing. And don't be fooled by its low cost; conversion rates are higher when compared to traditional marketing approaches.

Digital marketing is far less expensive but substantially more successful than traditional marketing methods. As seen in the graph above, a Facebook advertisement costs 0.25$ (18.40 Rupees) to reach 1000 people (source). This is quite modest in comparison to a newspaper advertisement.

Faster Growth

A company's principal source of profit is marketing investment. As digital marketing becomes more popular, more firms are investing in it. Every business, from start-ups to huge enterprises, agencies, and entrepreneurs, is putting money into digital marketing.

Because the Return on Investment (ROI) in digital marketing is significantly higher than in physical marketing, it is the future of marketing.

Courses in Digital Marketing

The rising need for Digital Marketing abilities in recent years has permitted Digital Marketing courses all around the world, including India.

The rise in digital marketing courses provides students with new employment and study alternatives. It will assist both new and experienced individuals in learning about new trends and practices, as well as overcoming obstacles. These courses demonstrate that digital marketing is here to stay and will only grow in popularity over time.

Harshit Agarwal's company, Worldomania, provides a complete course in digital marketing, apart from helping businesses prosper and flourish.

Worldomania is a Bareilly, U.P.-based digital marketing agency that provides growth and sustainability to its customers who are spread worldwide. The company covers everything from SEO and social media marketing to paid search ads and content marketing. Through these services, the company ensures holistic development and a wholesome experience for its clients.

Harshit Agarwal is a young entrepreneur, who is an expert in digital marketing. He founded Worldomania to help businesses prosper and flourish through digital marketing. He is a driven and passionate individual who sees obstacles as chances to build something wonderful. This is something that Harshit's clientele appreciates. It's also apparent in the high-quality services he offers through his company.

Harshit has seen a lot of success in the very competitive realm of digital marketing. He is certain that by continually providing exceptional customer service, he would be able to propel Worldomania to new heights of success and development.





































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