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Vigilance is the key to success in this bullish market

Jaipur: Indian stock markets are touching new heights every day despite the whirlwind of uncertainties. The situation in the market is such that there are so many fluctuations in a single day that it becomes difficult to predict what the future trend of the market will be. In such a situation, investors should be extremely cautious while making new investments and should also pay special attention to booking profits on their old investments.

There is no doubt that the Indian economy is on the path of improvement, there will be small and big obstacles in this path, but no one expects any serious decline. But despite this, the continuous selling by foreign institutional investors raises doubts about this. It could be asked that when the market is booming and the economy is on track, then why are foreign investors continuously selling their goods despite the prospects of development. I had also mentioned in my previous articles that as long as the earnings are reflected only in the share prices, there will be no profit from it, the profit is only visible in the bank account.

In such a situation, common investors should keep evaluating their investments continuously and if there is a continuous falling trend in any stock, no matter what the reason, then that stock should be shown the way out of the portfolio as soon as possible.

(This is the personal opinion of the author. The author, his family members and acquaintances may have investments in the companies mentioned in the article.)

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