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Vidisha becomes a pioneer to deploy series of innovative 5G services, provided by startups

New Delhi: Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh has become the first-ever district in India for on-ground deployment of innovative 5G use cases offered by startups.
This deployment of innovative 5G use cases is a joint initiative by Vidisha district administration and the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), according to a statement from the ministry of communications. Among the fifth-generation mobile generation (5G) use cases, Superceuticals, Ambupod, LogyAI, Easiofy, TechXR, BKC Aggregators, Dvara- Surabhi were mentioned in the statement.
Superceuticals are the 5G- or 4G-Enabled smart health kiosk for measuring vitals and performing tests almost instantaneously whereas Ambupod is the 5G/4G-enabled auto ambulance with basic life safety support and measurement of vitals with remote doctor support.
LogyAI takes up cataract eye-screening applications using smart phone for quick and effective screening of cataract disease while Easiofy is the augmented reality/virtual reality-3D visualisation application for lung and brain scans with the use of computerised tomography (CT) or X-ray for an effective diagnosis.
TechXR refers to AR/VR- 3D immersive experience kit for students for the enhanced learning and teaching tool for innovative teaching methods. BKC aggregators means app-personalised crop advisory for farmers to take informed decisions and connecting with mandis or traders, state subsidies or insurance for crops.
According to the statement, Dvara-Surabhi is the unique biometric muzzle identity of cattle to be used by a state department and insurance companies. This mobile application can predict health status of cattle to be used by dairy farmers.
To accelerate digital transformation across socio-economic verticals, the department of telecommunications (DoT), under the Telecom Startups and MSMEs Mission (TSuM) and 5G Vertical Engagement Partnership Programme (VEPP), has been facilitating collaborations of digital communication technology for startups and small and medium enterprises SMEs to state governments, smart cities, aspirational districts and vertical industries, among others. (ANI)

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