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The Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Biswa Bhusan Harichandan, Honoured Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala with the Business Excellence Award 2023

Starting a business is never a walk in the park; rather, it’s more like a daily rollercoaster ride where you never know what twists and turns are ahead (but always worth it and enjoyable). It’s true that not everyone is willing to take the risks necessary to reach the pinnacle of success, but there are always some who do. One such risk-taker with a confident and hard-working personality is Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala.

A self-made woman who started from scratch is now a successful businesswoman in her field. She is the founder and chairman of Theja Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is part of Thejas Groups. She is invited to a prestigious event on February 4, where she will be presented with the Business Excellence Award 2023.The chief guest of this occasion will be the Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Biswa Bhusan Harichandan, who will also released Business Tycoon Magazine Related to. Dr. Thejo Kumari's services andachiements.

It is our responsibility to recognize the efforts and diligence of such ambitious and hardworking individuals and to bestow upon them meritorious prizes and recognition. Business Excellence Award events do this, and there is no doubt that receiving a business excellence award is a morale booster for all the hardworking business owners out there. Not only does it benefit the business owners, but it also inspires the youth to build their own startups and raise their standard of living.

In addition to inspiring others, Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala is a woman with moral values and a pure heart. She is an entrepreneur cum social worker who has spent many years working for the greater good of society. She is actively involved in philanthropic activities like the distribution of food, clothing, and other basic necessities to unprivileged people. She also raises awareness about crucial and sensitive topics related to health and education like AIDS, tobacco control, child labor, animal welfare, illiteracy, and many more. Additionally, she assists in providing funds for the education of economically weaker sections of society. 

In the midst of the pandemic, she conducted regular surveys to know more about those in need, gave them food and clothing, and planned to expand work opportunities. She offers students free IT classes so they can expand their financial careers and gain new perspectives in the IT industry. She firmly believes that by helping others, we can eradicate poverty and unemployment in India and attract more people who share our compassion. The youth are holding India’s footing toward becoming a developed nation.

She received numerous awards for her work in social services and entrepreneurship, including the Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award, Mahatma Gandhi International Noble Peace Award, Jawahar Lal Nehru Global Peace Award, the Indira Gandhi International Seva Ratna Award 2022, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Rashtriya Prathista Puraskar Award, The Most Inspirational Woman Award, the Influencer Award, the Indian Glory Award, the Real Life Super Hero Award from United Nations, and many others. She has also been appointed as the World Human Rights Ambassador and the National President of the WHRPC in India.

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