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Tamil Nadu ranks second in state GDP, major exporter of textiles, leather, says Piyush Goyal while inaugurating govt stalls

Chennai: Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday said that today's meeting had been the most-engaging one with exporters in Chennai and that he had noted all the points.
The minister also added that the southern state was at second place in state GDP (SGDP) and that the state is the major exporter in the sectors of textiles, leather, marine food, auto components. Piyush Goyal was inaugurating stalls of the Union government schemes as part of the public outreach at the Madipakkam bus stand in Chennai. He also said that the country was really proud that Tamil Nadu was supporting national-building and the development of the country. He also mentioned that the future of Tamil Nadu is K Annamalai, the leader of Tamil Nadu.
He said there were wonderful things happening in Tamil Nadu, and added, "In 2047, when we are about to celebrate our centenary of our country, $20-trillion economy will surely be achieved in India." K Annamalai is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president in the state.
He also added that, "In 2030, service and merchandise exports will increase to $1 trillion and even in other sectors economy." "I salute the women's empowerment of India. The principles, the culture, the heritage and the family value system added economic value to the nation," the minister said.
Piyush Goyal also said, "I have the confidence that by our strength, $750-billion of exports will be done soon and India will grow to 11 per cent in exports."
He said, "When we work together, we can achieve anything in India. I enjoyed listening to all of your points and I have noted it that I'll try to rectify the issues in a possible manner." (ANI)

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