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Sunil Bharti Mittal announces satellite communication breakthrough for India at India Mobile Congress 2023

New Delhi: Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Bharti Enterprises and founder of Bharti Airtel revealed a significant technological leap for India during his address at the 7th edition of the India Mobile Congress.
Speaking to a captivated audience, Mittal declared, "A new technology is now available for our country. Satellite communication is here to serve every inch of our country and of course the globe."
Mittal credited this achievement to the successful collaboration with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), stating, "With your intervention, we were able to get two rockets GSLV Mk 3 from ISRO to launch 72 satellites last year."
He went on to unveil the ground-breaking OneWeb constellation, in which Bharti holds the largest stake, now poised to serve both the nation and the entire world.
Starting next month, India will witness an unprecedented era of connectivity, as Mittal proudly announced, "Anybody anywhere in the country, however remote or far or in difficult areas, can be connected from our Satellite ground station that has been set up in Mehsana, Gujarat."
This technological advancement in satellite communication promises to bridge the digital divide in India, connecting even the most isolated regions, fostering development, and transforming the way the nation communicates.
Mittal's announcement marks a pivotal moment for India's technological landscape, opening up a world of possibilities for connectivity, communication, and progress.
The Chairman of Bharti Enterprises also spoke about how India's digital infrastructure can accelerate the World economy.
"Two pillars are very important for IMC 2023...First was Digital India...You raised the slogan of JAM Trinity which was based on Jan Dhan, Aadhar and Mobile is being discussed across the world. Whether it is the World Bank, UN, WTO, African Union, European Nation, G20, OECD Countries, or BRICS, there is only one slogan, the Digital Infrastructure that India has built can accelerate the world economy, especially in those countries which have a lack of infrastructure...The second most important one is Make in India" Sunil Bharti Mittal said.
The India Mobile Congress serves as a platform to showcase India's technological advancements and innovations while facilitating discussions on the nation's digital future.

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