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Like riding a fast horse, it is important to be careful in Share market

The all round boom in the Indian stock market is likely to continue due to technical reasons but the harsh truth is that after every boom in the market comes profit recovery and smart investors see the upward trend in their bank account, not only in documents.

Apart from the continuous decline in crude oil prices, the positive signs for the market include continuous purchases by foreign institutional investors and no change in interest rates.

On this basis, further bullishness is being considered technically.In such a situation, in the current bullish period, investors should also keep in mind that even though the market is having an upward trend, it is important to be equally careful.

According to stock market experts, if you have made a lot of profit in your shares, then you should not be too greedy and at least recover your cost. Nifty index has currently reached its highest level and like every time, this time also technical experts are expecting further rise in the market.

But at the same time it is also estimated that if there is a slight decline in the market, it will give further impetus to the rise. The business of foreign institutional investors is expected to be limited in the week starting from Monday because there will be a holiday mood due to Christmas across the world and this mood is likely to persist for the next two weeks, which will also affect the Indian stock market. It is certain to fall.

There has been a continuous trend of improvement in the week ending 8th December. The biggest reasons for this improvement, apart from the buying by institutional investors, can be considered to be the strong victory of BJP in the assembly elections and the decline in crude oil prices among others.

FIIs bought shares worth Rs 9285.11 crores last week, which was also supported by domestic institutional investors i.e. DIIs who bought shares worth 4326.47 crores.

According to the data, last week the BSE index increased by 2344.41 points i.e. 3.47 percent and the BSE index increased from 67481.19 points to close at 69825.60 points, while the NSE index improved by 701.50 points i.e. 3.46 percent and the NSE Nifty index improved by 20267.90 points and closed at 20969.40 points.

Similarly, the rise in midcap and smallcap indices also continued. Traders said that there is an improving trend in the market, which will continue.

At present, public sector companies can be considered safe investments, apart from NMDC, BHEL, HPCL, BPCL, HAL, Jain Irrigation etc., selected shares of automobile and banking sectors can be named.

However, if sentiments weaken in the market, even the so-called good stocks may fall.
This week, IPOs of two companies are available on the main board, while four IPOs will be available for investors to apply for on the SME platform.

Among the new IPO applications coming to SEBI this week, a company Chronox Lab Sciences Limited has presented its new draft herring prospectus-DRHP.

(This is the personal opinion of the author. The author, his family members and acquaintances may have investments in the companies mentioned in the article)

Vimal Kothari Associate Editor, First India News & Senior Journalist

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