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Job Insecurity – Stalling The Growth Of The Company

Arenowned electrical company, with its unique operations, has created a stir in the Indian market. Most of its systems and processes are very finely tuned.

The seed for this was planted 10 years back. A few good and capable employees were employed for a new project.

But in a short span, the old staff who had been associated with the company for long years and experienced staff complained about these new employees, that they were not capable enough and by employing fast means and short cuts, they wanted to move ahead.

They were also criticized of not being too trustworthy. Their only interest was to find out newer things employing shortcuts.

The management decided to bring a solution by having a dialogue with both, the old and new employees, but it did not bear any fruit. Instead, the friction between the two only increased day by day.

The company decided to seek help of a professional management agency for the matter.

The management agency employed an in-depth approach, whereby they had a heart-to-heart dialogue with both, the old and new employees.

The employees seeing the impartial approach of the management, shared their thoughts with open minds, without any constraint.

The conclusion was true, mind-boggling. The fact of the matter was that old employees wanted their work and their jobs intact, they didn’t want any turbulence in their set regime.

The new employees would do their assigned tasks very quickly, efficiently, and intriguingly, to which the old employees had serious reservations.

As a reaction to this, they did not guide the new employees appropriately in their work.

To overhaul the issue, the company management employed a stern approach and handed over the critical workings of the company to the new employees, and old employees given routine tasks, which is also required for company growth.

The fact is,many times, the reason for the company’s de-growth lies in its employees. To maintain their esteemed positions in the company, many times employees take decisions that are detrimental for the financial growth of the company.

This streak of insecurity is especially seen in big corporate setups, especially in the top leadership positions. Leaders are worried about their personal portfolios and insecure about losing their positions most of the time.

To maintain their strong foothold, they engross themselves in internal politics. Their prime work ideally is to see the progress of the organization but, unfortunately, the inter-personal competition takes away most of their precious time.

India has a different work culture. Instead of cooperation and support, competition is more prevalent. In foreign countries, an employee is assigned a specific task.

Every employee has only a specific task to perform. Whereas in India, one employee does multiple tasks. Here, an employee who can do multi-tasking is in high demand.

Why are companies not capable of taking care of their employees for a longer spell or vice versa, why do employees do not work in a particular company for longer spans? This is a worrisome topic in most big corporate or small business houses.

The main reason behind it is the company culture, the old employees or the company’s boss/ manager.

It is most often seen that the boss does not give the benefit of his knowledge and expert know-how to the employee who works under him.

He trains him with a few things but the master key, he keeps with himself. This comes in the forefront when he is not present in the office, then it adversely affects work.

But such people derive pleasure out of this. Such conservative managers are of the mindset that knowledge cannot be spread free of cost and if their juniors learn everything, then what will remain in their control? Such insecurity occupies their minds constantly.

When the new generation begins work, they start with a fresh splurge of enthusiasm and dreams filled in their eyes.

With fresh thoughts, they are determined to do something innovative.

But in the corporate culture, at the beginning itself, when they do not get the desired support from the old manager/ employee, they get disillusioned and totally disappointed, which eventually serves detrimental for the company.

The leadership in every company should utilize their maximum time in keeping a far-sighted approach, aiming at the progress of the company.

They should give more freedom to the employees working under them so that operations take place more smoothly.

The boss should systematically keep away from small, minute matters, and should hand over the responsibility of taking routine decisions to their team members. (Business/ HR Expert)

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