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“Jee Aaya Nu welcomes people with open hearts, thus we make clothes for all,” says Founder

Most people all over the world find fashion to be an interesting topic. Anywhere a person goes, fashion follows. It also changes through time, just as anything else. Given how many people these days place a high value on self-expression, fashion will never go out of style. As long as there are people to dress and stylists who can come up with fresh approaches to an established look, fashion will continue to develop and evolve.

Its development will always be fascinating because it is a field brimming with potential and boundless imagination. Amidst all this, a lot of fashion brands have been emerging to make contributions. One such brand is Jee Aaya Nu, which is a size-inclusive brand. In this exclusive interview get all insights about the brand from the founder themself.


  1. What was the moment of epiphany that led to the inception of Jee Aaya Nu?

Currently, in the market, there is a stride related to size inclusivity in the fashion industry and owing to the same we wanted to start a brand that welcomes all with open hearts, thus the inception of Jee Aaya Nu happened. With Jee Aaya Nu, our main focus is to provide a variety of clothes for ‘women’ of every type of body. In all these years we have ensured to level up our game and bring what is best for our customers.


  1. What is the mission statement that distinguishes Jee Aaya Nu from its competitors?

At Jee Aaya Nu, maintaining the quality of clothes is our top priority and to ensure that it is done correctly, we are one of the few brands that produce their own fabric as well. The goal of self-production of fabrics is to ensure quality, highlight workmanship, promote sustainability, maintain originality, and most significantly, inspire original designs. Along with that, each of our clothing pieces undergoes various checks to make sure they meet the set benchmark and all this is what distinguishes us from the rest in the market.


  1. In all these years what are the changes that you have witnessed in the clothing industry?

We all know that in its initial form, clothing was meant to cover the body, provide warmth or coolness, protection, and maintain modesty, but it has since developed into more sophisticated forms. Nowadays, people use clothes to express themselves artistically, draw attention to themselves, accentuate physical characteristics, hide insecurities, and demonstrate their attractiveness and Jee Aaya Nu is here to help them do all that with its wide range of clothing lines. On the other hand, digitalization has also helped make procedures easy in the fashion realm. Nowadays, textile technology has developed, thus, they are providing new ways for fabric texturing and digital printing.


  1. What are your future plans for the company?

There is no doubt that the topic of size inclusivity is now eventually getting the limelight it deserved for a very long time. However, there is still a long way to go and for that, we aim on making a significant contribution by producing high-quality clothes in all sizes. Fashion will never be regarded as being out of trend because it is a necessity. As a result, it will just keep becoming better and we at Jee Aaya Nu will keep revamping worn-out styles to make them contemporary again and again. In the upcoming time, we have a lot in store including the expansion of our brand into global markets, a more diverse range of clothes and ultimately setting an even stronger benchmark in the fashion industry.

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