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Great Quality & Looks at Unbelievable Price, Thunderbolt EVs Offer More Than You Can Think

Ahmedabad: The Gujarati people are known for their business acumen, perseverance, business-mindedness and their ability to take big but calculated risks, which makes them one of the best business communities in the world.

There is one Gujarati entrepreneur who is making headlines nowadays because of his entrepreneurial venture which will certainly bring a big change in the Indian automobile sector and we will witness the start of a new era that will belong to electric vehicles. 

We are talking about Mr. Jayesh Thakkar, the proud founder of Thunderbolt, which is famous for its electric vehicles such as Electric Scooters (low speed & high Speed), ICAT-approved auto-rickshaws, auto rickshaw-loader, vintage-designed cars, etc. They are also planning to manufacture electric cars in the near future as it is also a very big market, and Mr. Jayesh Thakkar wishes to make the most of this opportunity. The self-motivated and farsighted entrepreneur Jayesh Thakkar started his entrepreneurial journey 20 years ago, and since then, he has created many successful brands, but because of his love for the environment, he understood very early that something reasonable needed to be done in order to reduce pollution in the country otherwise future generations would be compelled to live a life full of diseases.

This prompted Mr. Jayesh Thakkar to create a brand that will play an instrumental role in keeping the environment clean and healthy, and for the same, he came up with Thunderbolt. From the very beginning, Mr. Jayesh Thakkar wanted his company to be completely self-dependent, and for this purpose, he ensured that all the spare parts required in his electric vehicles were also manufactured in Thunderbolt’s manufacturing unit, which has helped the company in creating a monopoly in the market. 

Thunderbolt, which is a sister concern of BSE-listed Mercury Metals Ltd., is also the first company to design and manufacture customized electric vehicles for many industries and sectors, such as hospitality, industry and golf courses. Other than this, Thunderbolt is also known for producing EV Chasis and EV Controller as well as EV Motor, LFP Battery and EV Rickshaw Brake Shoe.

We can expect some big developments taking place in the near future by Thunderbolt as its Mega EV (electric vehicle) Complex, which is based in Vadodara, Gujarat, is functional now. This huge multi-facility complex is stretched over an area of 20 acres, and a whopping amount of Rs. 500 crores is being invested by the business tycoon Mr. Jayesh Thakkar as he wishes to develop his state Gujarat and country as a hub for electric vehicles manufacturing. 

Other than the manufacturing unit, this complex will also comprise a Charging Station with Cafe, CED Coating and Painting Unit, Vehicle Assembly, Battery Manufacturing Factory, EV Power train Facility, etc.

Mr. Jayesh Thakkar and his team are quite hopeful of rapid growth in the electric vehicles market (personal and commercial) because the Indian government also wants citizens to prefer electric vehicles over fuel-driven ones as it will help the nation in reducing its dependence on other countries for fuel plus it will also be beneficial for the country’s environment in the long run. 

The Indian government is also providing subsidies to manufacturers of electric vehicles in India and to consumers as well for promoting the usage of electric vehicles apart from offering subsidies on electric cars and on batteries. 

Mr. Jayesh Thakkar has always believed in providing the product to his customer at a price which can give value for each penny to the customer and this is why after hearing the prices of electric vehicles of Thunderbolt, the other market players are in a state of disbelief and shock.

The beautiful and stylish look of Thunderbolt electric vehicles has already made many go crazy for them; what about you?

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