Thursday, January, 20,2022

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Google TV's new personalised profiles delayed

The individual user profiles that were expected to arrive on Google TV last month have been delayed, which also means that the personalised content recommendations are on hold.

As per The Verge, the company had initially said the new user profiles would arrive on Google TV last month, but Google spokesperson Ivy Hunt told The Verge that the profiles will now begin rolling out "in the coming months.

" That's a bit of a bummer for multi-user households who were looking forward to profile features like customised watchlists, personalised help from Google Assistant, and weeding out the content interests of others using the same device (e.g., roommates, kids, etc. -- although Google previously introduced kids' profiles earlier this year).

Google did not offer a reason for the delay, but its TV experience will probably bring the personalised user profiles early into the New Year. (ANI)

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