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Embrace greenery with Bonasila Planters

Touted to house India’s largest collection of FRP planters, Bonasila Planters was conceptualised and founded in 2017. 

Bonasila manufactures and delivers fine-quality FRP Planters across the globe. It boasts of having more than 46 designs that include 307 SKUs, 24 Matt and Gloss Colours, 4 Bumpy Finishes, and 24 Rustic Finishes. One of the bestsellers is Marble finish designer plant pots. 

The brand has reached 24 Indian states and 7 countries worldwide.

Bonasila Planters is a manifestation of the dream of three entrepreneurs who ventured into this and did not look back. Kapil Vaishnani, the founder-promoter, Shilpan Vaishnani, the co-founder and manufacturing head, and Brinda Mehta, the co-founder and planter designer, are the three faces behind Bonasila. All three of them have contributed significantly to Bonasila'scurrent position, and aspire to achieve more. Kapil V. and his partners dove into the business and took significant risks, eventually making Bonasila a household name for FRP Planters. While Shilpan had a passion for production, Brinda was excellent as a creative mind for designing innovative pieces, and Kapil appeared to be the knot that tied all of them together making way for a powerful brand establishment.

Additionally, what makes Bonasila Planters different is that they fit well in any space, it could be commercial spaces or homes, and their designer planters blend in and stand out everywhere. 

Founder & Promoter of Bonasila, Mr Kapil says, “Our eye-catching, elegant, and unbreakable designer planters are an integral part of Marriott (Ahmedabad & Nasik), The Leela, Larsen & Tourbo, and Voco'sInterior Designs.”

Made of high-quality material, Bonasila FRP planters remain the same even after years, thus proving their value and strength. Plant lovers around the world love Bonasila for its exquisite, light yet strong planters to light up their spaces. They take pride in it and will continue to make the world greener and prettier. The company enjoys a 5-star rating from consumers and is flooded with positive reviews.

Over the years, Bonasila has been featured in reputed publications like BBC Homes, Times Property, GQ, The Indian Express, Vogue, etc.

Bonasila has everything a customer needs, from quick delivery to trendy pieces that are feasible too. It passionately curates products in various designs, colours, sizes, textures and trends to delight its customers. Bonasila is your partner in spreading greenery and creativity around the world. Plant happiness and bring your dream look to every space, whether it's your table or dining room.

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