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Delegations can encourage foreign investors to invest in SMEs: Piyush Goyal

Mumbai: Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday said delegations of the government and industry organisations like FICCI, which go abroad, could encourage foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and sovereign funds to invest in BSE SME on the stock exchange BSE.
The minister was speaking during the event of listing of the 400th SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) company at the BSE in Mumbai on Monday. The commerce minister said it would be a good idea to get international investors and funds to know about the SME exchange on the BSE.
"This is one way we could get this ecosystem known across the world and collectively with the domestic investors, we could look at a faster growth and ramp-up and get significant investments through true values for the companies which are operating on the exchange," Goyal said.
He also said when the government or organisations such as Ficci take delegations abroad, a representative from this exchange who has raised capital or had done well in the exchange can be a part of this delegation.
And this representative, he said, could talk to international investor funds/FIIs or sovereign funds to participate in the exchange and encourage them to look at the exchange as an attractive means of investment. (ANI)

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