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Chennai-based company offers Premium gadgets at affordable prices!!

New Delhi: Have you ever dreamt of getting a high-end gadgets at an affordable cost. Yes, that is possible when a Chennai-based company Ovantica offers high-end Smartphones and Laptops at throwaway prices, posing a challenge to others in the market. Ovantica is a new-age e-commerce platform selling refurbished smartphones.

High-end Smartphone is the dream of most of the youngsters, but the budget makes them to think twice before realising their dream. Unboxed phones are the smarter way to help those who want to acquire a gadget within their budget.

True, these unboxed phones are mostly demo pieces or phones that are bought and returned from online platforms with the return period. Then these phones are revived and brought back to market as good as the new one, of course for a cheaper price.

Ovantica was launched by Surender S in 2020 with the passion of selling unboxed phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets for the people who are on the go and who otherwise could not buy them spending a fortune.

Surender S says, " We have an experience of 10 years in the market and our strong technical team offers the customers the best product based on individual tastes and requirements. And we have also tied up with Gadpro to provide a one-year warranty to the buyers."

Apart from unboxed smartphone, Ovantica provides a whole lot of electronic devices like Laptop and Gaming console, all at affordable prices.

Ovantica has seen a great traction in the market with a growth rate of 60%. The startup first sold a few hundreds of these phones per month and with great customer support and quality being the watchword, they are now selling thousands of them.

In the current year, the company plans to sell 10,000–15,000 reconditioned smartphones per month. Ovantica will continue to operate in the B2B and B2C markets. With a large customer base across India, the company wants to keep Chennai as its principal hub.

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