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BSE issues warning against fake videos impersonating CEO, urges vigilance in social media investments

Mumbai: In a recent development, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has issued a cautionary notice to investors regarding the circulation of fraudulent videos and audios impersonating BSE's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sundararaman Ramamurthy (BSE MD & CEO), on various social media platforms.
These videos and audios, created through innovative and ingenious technology, have been circulating on platforms such as Facebook, falsely recommending certain investments and advisory in stocks/shares.
The BSE MD & CEO has clarified that he does not initiate or endorse any such communication via social media platforms, including Facebook.
The exchange has sternly advised investors and the public against trusting these misleading videos and audios, urging them not to follow any fake recommendations or unsolicited communication circulated through deceptive means impersonating Sundararaman Ramamurthy.
BSE has vowed to take all necessary steps to prevent misrepresentation by unknown elements.
Meanwhile, investors and the public are strongly cautioned against joining any groups on social media platforms impersonating BSE or its officials.
Additionally, they are advised not to rely on any stock/share recommendation originating from these dubious sources.
Furthermore, BSE emphasizes exercising caution and refraining from engaging or re-circulating such fraudulent messages.
Investors and the public are urged not to share any personal and/or confidential information, financial or otherwise, in response to these deceptive communications.
It is recommended that individuals verify the source of communication before making any investment decisions.
BSE underscores that its employees are not permitted to recommend dealing in or promote any transactions in stocks/shares.
Official communications from BSE are exclusively made through its official website and BSE's verified social media handles, including @bseIndia on Instagram, @bseIndia on Facebook, @BSEIndia on LinkedIn, @BSEIndia on Twitter, and @BSEworldBSEIndia on YouTube.
The exchange reassures investors and the public of its commitment to safeguarding their interests and maintaining the integrity of the securities market.
It encourages individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or communications to the appropriate authorities.

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