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Alia Bhatt announces Ed-a- Mamma & Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd have entered into a joint venture

Actress and businesswoman Alia Bhatt has partnered with Reliance Retail Initiative Limited to launch her new initiative, Ed-a-Mamma. On September 6, the star announced their joint endeavour on social media by posting a photo of herself and Isha Ambani together.

Sharing the news with her fans, Alia wrote in her caption, "Delighted to share that Ed-a-Mamma and Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd have entered into a joint venture. Ed-a-Mamma is a bootstrapped venture with a big heart. Reliance Retail is India’s largest retailer. What we have in common is our dream to continue the work of building a homegrown, vocal-for-local brand of children's products that are safe, parent-friendly, and planet-friendly."

She concluded her post by adding, "On a more personal note, for Isha and me, this is also about two moms coming together. That just makes it so much more special."

An online site called Alia's Ed-a-Mamma was launched online in 2020. It focuses mostly on maternity clothing, clothing for kids, and clothing for teens.

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