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Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan: The young entrepreneur and philanthropist, is ensuring quality education for children with food security

The young business leaders appreciate the potential that education holds for enabling them to prosper financially and, in turn, make remarkable contributions to society. No matter who you are, education and skills develop the talent needed to launch a business or work as a professional. In the competitive world and money race, people are running towards making more and more money with no desire to help others. However, there are still entrepreneurs cum social workers out there who are making a difference in people’s lives by assisting them in achieving their financial and educational goals.

One such person is Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan, a young Muslim man from Gujarat, India. He has long worked to better the lives of others by providing low-income children with inexpensive, high-quality educational opportunities and health treatment. His life’s mission is to help economically depressed communities, underprivileged kids, and women advance their lives and careers through access to resources, including education, food, job opportunities, and support.

His name appears on the list of the “Top Inspiring Leaders of 2022,” which was compiled under the direction of Global Brand Research and Heylin Spark. He became a multi-award winner and peace ambassador for the World Human Rights Council of the United Nations in 2022 because of his generosity, inner zeal for communal welfare, and dedication to promoting peace as well as unity. 
Ex-home minister, GOI, Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, honored Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan with the Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award for Young Achievers on May 21, 2022. At the 14th APJ Abdul Kalam Awards 2022 organized in the Governor House, Maharashtra Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari presented Abdul Razaq Habib Khan Pathan another prestigious accolade, the Global Entrepreneur award for his business endeavors and achievements. In addition, he received a certificate of appreciation from the Delhi Municipal Corporation on behalf of the Delhi government for his work as an activist for ground zero education.

Abdul Razaq’s motto is to fight child hunger, encourage women’s empowerment, and assist in the education of children from poor families. This procedure and the identification of slums have been simplified with the help of modern technology. He thinks help for food, equality, education, and development isn’t going to those who need it most. 
Therefore, he searches for impoverished communities and individuals and does his best to provide their most fundamental needs. Especially during the pandemic, when the situation was out of control and people were starving on the side of the road, he gave them food, shelter, and other resources for survival.

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