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A Doctor and Philanthropist: Dr. Fatima Naaz is the leading inspiration for all the women out there after International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day set aside each year to recognize and honor the various accomplishments of women around the globe. Dr. Fatima Naaz, also known as Dr. Ummul Khair Fatma, another boss lady from Allahabad, India, has been empowering women for many years. She has been serving the country as a doctor for the past 12 years and is still continuing. Additionally, as a humanitarian, she is engaged in multiple charitable endeavors. 

A true example of “Nari Shakti,” as our prime minister Narendra Modi lauded in a tweet from the previous day. “On International Women’s Day, a tribute to the achievements of our Nari Shakti. We greatly cherish the role of women in India’s progress,” he tweeted.  

She has bagged many awards till now because of her social work and contributions to society. At a grand event held in Delhi, she received the “Prime Time Global Icon Awards 2023” from famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. Also, our great inspirational actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood presented her the “Global Fame Awards 2023” for her philanthropic activities. Another reward earned by Dr. Fatima Naaz is the “Bhartiya Seva Ratna Award 2023” for being the best individual and social leader.

Women are now found at the top of their fields in all walks of life, from business and medical profession to the arts and the corporate world, and their success is now widely recognized. However, Dr. Fatima Naaz stands out from the crowd because of the emphasis she places on the success and lives of those around her. A woman who is not only succeeding in her own life, but is also helping other women succeed by creating new job opportunities and ensuring that they have access to high-quality education. 

She donates funds to help unprivileged people, women, and children afford the basic necessities of life, such as food, water, and clothing. In her eyes, those who deserve the most respect and love from society are impoverished females for being such strong women and doing their best to support their families with everything they had. Such ladies do household chores and even work as laborers to generate income for their families. 

Dr. Fatima Naaz knows the importance of investing in the education of the next generation and, therefore, is thinking of opening schools in the future. It doesn’t end here. She fights for the rights of women, protests against child labor, and does her best to support human rights. Therefore, the WHRPC (World Human Rights Protection Commission) presented Dr. Fatima Naaz with an “Honorary Doctorate” and membership in the organization.

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