Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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Therapies that shouldn’t be stigmatized

Jaipur: In India, the demand for rehabilitation services is always increasing; currently, 2.4 billion individuals require rehabilitation services. Nonetheless, there is a tremendous unmet need for rehabilitation throughout the world. In certain nations, including India more than half of those in need of rehabilitation treatments do not obtain them.

A World Health Organization (WHO) study published in The Lancet journal highlighted that India is among the five countries with the greatest number of people needing rehabilitation services. India (411 million) number of people in need of rehabilitation services.

Taking a step ahead, a doctor couple from Jaipur has made an unique attempt to provide mental health facilities with various techfriendly alternatives so that it becomes easy to reach out to them. Rehab Buddy is a startup based in Rajasthan. Recognized by Startup India (DPIIT) under healthcare IT – Govt. of India and associated with IStart – Govt. of Rajasthan, it is India’s first multidisciplinary telerehabilitation and home-based rehabilitation services platform. The business addressed the issue of a shortage of rehabilitation services in country’s remote areas, as well as patients’ and caregivers’ concerns about a lack of time, practicality, and transportation to clinical rehabilitation.

Rehab Buddy focuses on the concept of rehabilitation in the home environment by making tele (online) rehabilitation & homebased rehabilitation accessible. Tele-Rehabilitation delivers rehabilitation via a variety of technologies and encompasses a range of rehabilitation services that include “evaluation, assessment, monitoring, prevention, intervention, supervision, education, consultation, and coaching.”

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