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Due to instability, an atmosphere of decline is being created

The Indian stock market is currently considered a victim of instability. Even though the BSE and NSE indices had reached their all-time high in the stock market last week, the sell-off on Friday deflated this rally.

The latest situation remains that as soon as there is an improvement in the market, the operators start selling their goods, due to which the investors who had invested in the market in the hope of a rise, are now seen to be apprehensive, which is reflected in the stock market and cannot be considered good for the future.

Last week, the Finance Ministry released the GST collection figures for the month of April and the government treasury has been in good condition in the first month of the financial year. In the month of April alone, the government has received a revenue of Rs 2,10,267 crore for the first time in the form of GST, which is the highest collection of GST since its implementation in the country on July 1, 2017. In such a situation, it can be assumed that the Indian economy is moving forward on the path of reform and this journey will continue. In such a situation, the phase of boom and recession will continue in the stock market, but investors who want to invest for the long term should show courage to invest in chunks in stocks of their choice with strong fundamentals in every recession, because whenever there will be a storm of improvement in the market, only the stocks with strong fundamentals will rise first, and these will also earn the most.

Talking about technical analysis, experts are worried about the recession on Friday, and are indicating weakness in the market. They believe that weakness can also be seen in Bank Nifty in the next few sessions, but Nifty will get support around 22300.

Last week, there was a slight increase of 147.99 points (+0.20%) in the BSE index and closed at 73878.15 points, improving from 73730.196 points in the previous week, while there was a slight improvement of 55.90 points (+0.25%) in the NSE Nifty index and it closed at 22419.95. It climbed up by a few points and closed at 22475.85 points, but there was a contradiction between the midcap and smallcap indices and the basic index. Talking about the bullion market, this week gold prices fell by Rs 1050 per 10 grams, while silver prices fell by Rs 900 per kg and gold prices fell from Rs 74,200 per ten grams to Rs 73,150 per ten grams. And silver fell from Rs 83,450 per kg to Rs 82,550 per kg.

Traders say that the customers were waiting for the decline in the bullion business, but even now the customer base has not improved. It is believed that the price of gold may come up to $ 2275 per ounce, similarly, a slight decline in silver is also expected.

As per choice of businessmen, from the point of view of new investment, listed public sector companies, Zomato, Mahindra Holidays, Zee TV, Infosys, TCS, Igarashi Motors, Jio Finance, Universal Cable, Celan Exploration Technologies etc. can be considered as safe investments.

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