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BRICS Cultural Media Forum in Delhi Sparks Global Dialogue on Tradition, Unity, and Virtue for a Prosperous Future

The BRICS Culture Media Forum in Delhi celebrated shared cultural heritage, championing traditional values and diverse governance structures for a future embracing multipolarity and cultural richness.

Sri Prem Prayojan's impactful address highlighted the essence of unity within BRICS, stressing the importance of preserving distinct cultures against a uniform global identity. The emphasis on sovereignty, traditional values, and family garnered unanimous support among participants, urging a return to virtue as the foundation of prosperity.

The discourse explored traditional governance's relevance, drawing comparisons between Western democracies and longstanding monarchies like the U.A.E., igniting debates on diverse governance paradigms' effectiveness.

The speech advocated for placing virtue above profit, tying ethical values to economic progress, referencing ancient cultures like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. These cultures highlighted virtue as a crucial element for societal prosperity, cautioning against prioritizing financial gains over ethical foundations.

Focusing on the consequences of abandoning tradition since 1971, the discourse pointed out a correlation between rising materialism and the erosion of societal values, emphasizing the dangers of embracing profit-driven norms.

Usury's detrimental impact on society was examined, emphasizing its role in dismantling natural incentive structures and contributing to societal impoverishment through inflation, marked as a grave transgression across multiple faiths.

The event concluded with a call to revive traditions, promoting honest work and fostering collective understanding across faiths through practices like congregational singing and fasting, advocating mutual respect and fraternity as unifying forces within the BRICS alliance.

The "Dialogue of Traditions and Generations" in New Delhi marked a historic milestone, uniting leaders, cultural ambassadors, and spiritual authorities for the collective good and future well-being. India's successful G-20 chairing reaffirmed its role as a beacon of peace and enlightenment, laying the foundation for deeper global understanding.

The participation of Russian Federation representatives, notably from the Chechen Republic, highlighted the legacies of Mahatma Gandhi and Ahmad Haji Kadyrov, emphasizing nonviolence, dialogue, and service to society and God.

BCMF Global President Jaan Nissar Lone stressed the alliance between Russia and India, proposing a dedicated media center and BRICS television channel to amplify voices on geopolitics, philanthropy, and societal reforms.

Building on Delhi's success, the BCMF announced plans for a 2024 summit in Grozny, uniting city mayors, culture ministers, youth leaders, and spiritual authorities. The summit, set against the backdrop of Ahmad Haji Kadyrov's memorial complex, aims to further the dialogue on tradition and unity among BRICS nations.

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