Thursday, March, 23,2023

Shalin was becoming 'complicated': Tina Datta

Tina Datta has been eliminated from Season 16 of Bigg Boss. She was a well-liked participant in the BB16. In the reality show, the actress thought she was among the top 5. Her time on Bigg Boss 16 unfortunately came to an end after three months. Tina's relationship with Shalin Bhanot garnered media attention while she was still living there. Many others believed their bond to be fictitious and made for the camera.

Recently the actress opened up about her equation with Shalin Bhanot. The actress said it was becoming 'complicated' and 'difficult'.

"See, it was complicated. It was complicated to give justifications to everyone. But my people and my fans, who know me, know the real Tina. They understood me. They knew the story's real side and understood what I was going through. You don't get to know a person in a period of a week or 10 days. Aap kisi ko behtar tareeke se nahi jaan paate ho (You don't get to know the person well). When you spend time with that person, you get to know how that person really is — how manipulative and aggressive he is and how he would contradict his own statements," she told. 

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