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Shaan Mishra on reality shows: If I get an opportunity for Bigg Boss I would definitely do it

Actor Shaan Mishra who is currently seen in Sindoor Ki Keemat 2, says that he would love to be part of an adventure-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi as well as Bigg Boss. He says that these shows give you a chance to show the world how you are in real life. 

“I haven’t done any reality shows till now. I did get a few offers before the lockdown. If I want to do a reality show, I would do Khatron Ke Khiladi because I am very adventurous. I would also love to do Bigg Boss also because it’s a platform where you can showcase the real you. And if you deserve it, you would definitely come out as a winner,” he says.

He adds, “Any reality show which has sports or adventure or thriller, anything that entertains the audience, I would want to do that show. If I get an opportunity for Bigg Boss I would definitely do it. Also, it is hosted by the best Salman Khan and he is loved by my whole family. Bigg Boss is a different show and you make new memories, friends. You showcase yourself there as you are. All these ups and downs and with full entertainment is a good show.” 

His friend actor Shehzaan Khan is also in KKK13. Talking about the same, he says, “My very dear friend Shehzan khan is doing KKK13 who is South Africa shooting with Rohit Shetty sir. I want him to win because she is very capable of winning such adventures. All my best wishes are with him.”

Reality shows make you a star, but it depends on how you do, he says, adding, “It all depends on your performance and mainly how the audience is really to accept your viewpoint, behaviour and character. In reality shows, you are who you are off camera. So, it all depends on audience and how you are in real life.”

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