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Raahul Jatin celebrates the success of his new song 'Chand Mere Channa' and Says, "Artists need to make songs that reflect their true selves"

Raahul Jatin's song 'Chand Mere Channa' receives love from the fans. The song has managed to garner only love with no negative comments. Any content to get only love and no trolls is only a rare thing today. Raahul seems to be very happy with the response the song is receiving and said, "I knew that the song would be liked". 

Raahul Jatin is well known for his independent music. His songs Humnasheen, Batao Na, and Madhoshiyaan have already made it to the playlist of fans and Chand Mere Channa has only proven to be a fan's latest favorite. Raahul is young and charming and fans often ask him about his acting debut to which he showed interest and said if anything good comes up he would love to try it out. 

"Neither the big music companies nor the composers have been able to crack what the young generation likes in terms of music", says Raahul Jatin, when asked about 'what does young generation like to listen to?' Raahul being from the same generation believes in making music from his heart. He added, "A lot of times, people do make the mistake of repeating a type of song. It isn't necessary that if a particular song has worked, a similar song will work too. Artists need to make songs that reflect their true selves." 

The singer is rooting for the bright future of independent artists. He is focusing on making more music that he truly believes in. He shared his views on Independent music and said, "In the future, I won't be surprised to see if it is able to surpass film music. Looking at the present scenario, I think the independent music scenario will only grow with time." 

Raahul will be seen giving vocals to the creation of his Father Jatin Pandit's next project. He will also be coming up with more collaborations along with songs in Punjabi and English language. 

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