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Music composer Puneet Dixit says that the first song of the film 1920 Horrors of the Heart has an interesting story behind it. He adds that it was actually producer Mahesh Bhatt who gave the title of the song.

“The specialty of this song is that I and Bhatt sahab were sitting for a media launch interview, and there the media asked a question to Bhatt sahab which was about Sadak 2 and Bhatt sahab did not want to say anything. He said, ‘Woh kahani phir kabhi’. So, this is the first song from 1920 that came from there. Woh Kahani Phir Kabhi has been sung by Papon and written by Shweta Bothra,” he says.

He adds, “Generally, when we sit with Bhatt sahab for readings, having conversations with him, most of us get the punches, good lines for the song. We make half the song out of those lines! The credit goes to Bhatt Sahab and Vikram Bhatt Sahab. He took this song and it's a very beautiful, emotional song. There is a little old touch in this song, there is also something new. There is something that has stopped coming now in Bollywood and people say that this song reminds of old times. So, I am very happy with this song, and also hope that this song will work very well.”

Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt both were present on the day of recording the song. Puneet says that this really helped the song shape up well.

“There is a different vibe when they are there. Their energy level is extremely high. Their aura is very strong and another fantastic aspect is that we feel energised by seeing their energy. When they come while we are recording, we get an input, director vision, producer vision. Both are very great directors. So having them gives a lot of support and learning. And I'm always ready to learn and I always learn with these kinds of people who are great themselves. It was great. I insisted on them coming as when they come, they share memories, experiences,” he says.

The film has a horror story, however, Puneet says that he has kept emotions as top priority while deciding on the music. “It's a horror and emotional story between a daughter and mother. I was very clear about what kind of songs should be there and though I have designed the song, Lori, targeting horror but that is a very emotional song. Shreya Ghoshal is singing Lori. While reading the story, I realised it's a very emotional story between a mother and daughter in which there is little horror, there are some things that will scare people, but this is more of an emotional story than a horror film,” he says.

Talking about the feedback of the song and teaser, he says, “The feedback is brilliant and I'm sure it's going to be great because the song is good. The teaser came out recently and the song was released officially on 6th June. The response is pretty good here and they are liking it and I hope the audience also likes it.”

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