Thursday, March, 23,2023

Machine Gun Kelly opens up about his 'vulnerability'

Machine Gun Kelly's honest conversation with Laverne Cox on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards revealed that he is not excellent at keeping his emotions contained. Musician MGK, whose album "Mainstream Sellout" was beaten out by Ozzy Osbourne for the title of "Best Rock Album," had a quick therapy session after his interview. This had a significant effect on the internet. And fans definitely loved the way he wasn't shy to express his emotions. 

In a red-carpet interview, the artist discussed the pressure he's felt at award events and generally throughout his career. He admitted bluntly, "I'm always quite uncomfortable here." Kelly explained that his fiance Megan Fox had instructed him to glance at her if he ever felt "too exposed" throughout the evening.

Machine Gun Kelly, was quoted as saying, "Ultimately, I'm really happy to be in the company of such great musicians," he said, expressing his mixed emotions. "I didn't take the category home, and I almost feel like I asked for that lesson." "I felt like I lacked self-love and valued myself so much for my professional achievements that I needed this." He continued, "Once that self-love happens for me, things like the awards and all that will come. 

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