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Juhi Chawla explains her intention behind filing petition against 5G technology

Mumbai (Maharashtra): After Juhi Chawla's petition against the rollout of 5G in India got dismissed by the Delhi High Court, the actor on Wednesday uploaded a video on social media to explain why she filed the particular plea.

"A lot of noise has been created. In fact, I could not hear myself. A very important message was lost amid such noise and that was, we are not against 5G. We are welcoming of it. We just want authorities to certify that 5G is safe.

We just want government to release research in public domain so that our fear goes away," she said in an Instagram video.


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Juhi can be seen raising concern about children and pregnant women in the video.

"We want to know whether 5G is safe for children or not... we want to know that it is safe for our pregnant women, our flora and fauna, for unborn children, for people who are old, that is all we are asking," Juhi concluded.

According to the court, the plea was filed to gain publicity as Juhi circulated the link of the hearing on social media.

"It appears that the suit was filed for publicity. Plaintiff Juhi Chawla circulated the link of the hearing on social media which created disruption thrice. The Delhi Police shall identify the persons and take action against those who created the disruptions," the order read.

For the unversed, a few people created disturbance by singing Juhi Chawla's songs during the hearing. (ANI)

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