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Imran Khan divorced? Netizens react to Reddit posts

With her most recent post, Avantika Malik, the estranged wife of former actor Imran Khan, has fueled divorce rumours. Avantika reposted a video of Miley Cyrus dancing to one of her songs on her Instagram Stories. The tape has the words "that divorce was the best thing for her" written on it. Re-posting it, Avantika wrote, "Not only her...#justsaying."

A screenshot of her post was shared on Reddit with the caption, "Imran Khan and Avantika Malik have finalised their divorce?" A person commented, "It's better to part ways than be bitter the whole life." 

A comment read, "I thought they divorced a year or two back." "I always feel that anyone who posts shady s*** about their former/separated/divorced partners on social media is intolerable," wrote another person.

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