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Ileana D'cruz and her partner shares their idea of romance while on their babymoon

Ileana D'Cruz's announcement of her pregnancy earlier this year caught all of her followers by surprise. She shared this major news in April of this year, released numerous gorgeous photos, and completely took over the internet. Since then, she has been showing off her growing baby belly, her cravings, etc. to all of us. She uploaded a few images from her babymoon this morning without revealing the location, and they are blissful. But what got our notice was the fact that she and her special someone are on their babymoon, which is garnering even more attention.

Ileana D'Cruz posted a few photos from her babymoon on her Instagram account. We can glimpse a vista of what appears to be a beautiful beach in the actress's first photo. After that, she uploaded a photo of her drink glass. Her hand is resting on her boyfriend's hand in the third image. You can see rings on both of their ring fingers, which may be an indication of their potential engagement, if you look closely. Sharing this picture the actress wrote, “My idea of romance clearly can’t let him eat in peace”. Ileana hasn't previously published a photo of her partner since she announced her pregnancy, so this is a first. This image will only prompt questions about whose hand it is.

Ileana announced her pregnancy in April by posting a black and white photo of a baby onesie on her Instagram account. 'And so the adventure begins' was inscribed on the onesie. Sharing this picture, Ileana wrote, “Coming soon. Can’t wait to meet you my little darling.” Everyone was pleasantly surprised by this announcement, and her followers and friends in the business poured their admiration for her in the comments area.

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