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Hrithik Roshan Opens Up On His life Learnings On the occasion of his Birthday

Hrithik Roshan recently celebrated his 49th birthday. The Vikram Vedha star no longer has extensive birthday plans like he once had; instead, he views this day as a time to do things that will make him happy.

The ‘War’ actor said: “I used to see it (his birthday) as a fun day but then somewhere along the way, it started becoming a chore, a duty, a must celebrate, a must party (event). Birthdays came with a slight sense of discomfort. But today, I see it as an opportunity to spend time doing things that would fulfil me. I may still do the exact same things, but now it’s out of my own desire and sense of fulfilment rather than a self-imposed mandate.”

Talking about his biggest learning in these 49 years, Hrithik Roshan said that at this stage in his life, he considers peace to be of prime importance. 

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