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Hairstylist Sameer Salmani: I believe in learning new things as well as going with flow, and, I also never stop experimenting

Summer means heat, sweat and tiredness. So, hairstyles for the season need to be appropriate yet cool. Hairstylist Sameer Salmani talks about what you can do with your tresses to make them look the best.
“Braids, buns, or updos to minimise exposure to the sun. Opting for looser hairstyles to reduce stress on your hair is necessary,” he says.
To make sure his clients look the best, he adds, “Maintaining the best hair quality with the resulting wow factor is necessary. Elegant Waves, evening updos with less friction and pony are the best styles for this season.”

While Sameer follows the latest trends and lives up to the demands and wishes of the client. As an artist, he also adds something unique to every style he creates and guides the client to help them understand what would suit them/the occasion best.

On how his skills have improved in the last few years, he says, “My skills have improved at a good pace by handling all national and international clients, from businessmen to celebs, attending training regularly domestic and international, and doing my own studies online on a daily basis. I believe in learning new things as well as going with flow. And, I also never stop experimenting.”

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