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Ex-wife Sunaina Rekhi on Vaibhav Rekhi Wedding to Dia Mirza

Actor Dia Mirza tied the knot earlier with Vaibhav Rekhi,his ex-wife Sunaina Rekhi has opened up about the low-key wedding.Granting her approval, Sunaina also added that it is a really nice extension for their daughter Samaira.

Sunaina has also sent her good wishes to the newlywed couple.

A fitness coach, Sunaina posted a video on her Instagram stories recently, where she said the union of Dia and her ex-husband Vaibhav was important for her daughter Samaira.

Sunaina reportedly said that ever since the wedding, she has been getting a lot of messages asking if she is fine with it. The yoga instructor added that she is perfectly fine with it. In fact, her daughter Samaira is very excited.

Sunaina added that she saw some videos where Samaira was throwing flowers. According to her, it’s a really nice extension for her as she doesn’t have any family in Mumbai.

Vaibhav’s ex-wife also went on to say that it is very important for a child to see the love in their lives. According to her, if Samaira couldn’t see that kind of love between her father and her mother, when she was younger, at least she sees that love now.

She carries that beauty and that energy into her future, which is so lovely, to be able to see the love in a marriage. Sunaina added that she is very happy for Samaira, Vaibhav and Dia.

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