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Anubhav Sinha opens up on controversy around the 'Bheed' trailer

Anubhav Sinha, a well-known director of movies like "Mulk," "Article 15," "Tum Bin," "Dus," and "Thappad," is eagerly awaiting the premiere of "Bheed," a pandemic drama. On Tuesday, the director shared a lengthy comment about the movie on his Instagram and pleaded with the audience to view it for the message it is trying to express.

Sharing the film’s trailer, Anubhav Sinha wrote in Hindi, “Hello friends, ‘Bheed’ is coming to theatres on March 24. The work was going on for the film in the run up to its release till last night. I myself saw the final output for the first time after it was done in the night. I felt good and it gave me an affirmation that I have managed to make the film that I intended to make. It’s quite good. I also wanted to seek your help. All those people, whom you think would want to watch this film, please share this trailer with them. Share it with them, call them up and remind them about the release date of March 24 and make a plan to see it”.

He added, “Films like these are very difficult both in terms of their making and their subsequent release but it’s our responsibility to make such films and more than that it’s important that the audience watches such films. I need one more help, please don’t stress yourselves on how did it get censored, how will it get released why the trailer was removed from the YouTube channel of T-Series, why Bhushan Kumar’s name was removed, how much is the advance booking, how much would it earn by the end of first week.”



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