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Alia ditches her heels as she shakes a leg with Rashmika Mandanna at NMACC

On the second day of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) event in Mumbai, actors Alia Bhatt and Rashmika Mandanna gave an exhilarating performance to the RRR song Nacho Nacho, the Hindi translation of the Oscar-winning song Naatu Naatu. Videos of the actors dancing to the music have surfaced online. In the video, Rashmika Mandanna draped a golden saree while Alia wore a short white outfit.

Alia appeared on stage and took off her heels in a video posted on Instagram on Sunday by a paparazzo account. The two moved around while laughing. The audience shouted as they performed the hook step. The two actors hugged it out at the end of the video.

Reacting to the clip, a fan wrote, "When South met North." Another comment read, "Oh my god my favourites in one frame." A person said, "This is amazing." "Wow too good energy between two actress," commented an Instagram user.



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