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Alboe On His Upcoming Album 'Love Languages' & Electronic Music

As the moniker suggests, A Little Bit of Everything or Alboe is an international music producer and Dj based out of New Delhi whose music has been growing exponentially since his launch in 2021.

Alboe has developed a unique style that blends classical Indian sounds with westem influences that is beginning to take the world by storm. These sounds have been delicately perfected and compiled to create his debut album "The Painter" launched through the label Krunk Kulture in 2021. 

For his next big release titled, Love Languages, Alboe dives deeper into the roots of Indian classical and regional music. The EP contains songs in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and English and it revolves around the theme of long-lasting love. The title track of project, Malx featuring Shrii is Alboe's first ever music video set to release on 31st March, 2023.

Speaking of his upcoming album Alboe said, "The upcoming EP love languages essentially is a dive into love in its all forms be it self love or outwardly love.  The EP tries to showcase all of that within six songs and in different languages , Bengali , Hindi , English ans Punjabi. The EP focuses on showcasing the importance of love and how it can be such a huge driving factor in all our life decisions. Well love languages is an attempt to showcase love in its different mediums, I would say". 

Talking about what Inspired him to make Electronic music Alboe revealed, "Well, I love making music in all forms be it live or electronic. But I'm inspired to make electronic music because It has that unique capability of molding sounds and textures into the exact way the composer would like them; it has a lot of adaptability and customization capabilities that instruments do not have. The other reason is that I feel electronic music has More strength when it comes to making dance music because you can synthetically make beats and sounds that bring out a certain energy that would be much tougher with live instruments”

Alboe’s upcoming release love languages is all set to release on 31st of March. 



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