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Actress Gehna Vasisth Performed Nikah With Muslim Guy Faizan Ansari

Shocking!! Gehna Vasisth, belonging to a Pandit family hailing from Chandigarh has changed her religion. Gehna Vasisth did so to marry her boyfriend Faizan Ansari, a social media influencer and an actor in the Bollywood industry recently seen in Datebaazi, an Amazon MiniTv reality show. Their love is pure and not love jihad. 

Sources claim that Gehna Vasisth did such a transformation and married her love Faizan Ansari famous for the Datebaazi reality show and the pictures of their NIKAH are getting very viral. 

Gehna Vasisth is a Pandit girl, yet she changed her religion to Muslim. The pictures of this transformation too are going viral with the speed of a skyrocket.

Gehna Vasisth, an actress-cum-model in the Bollywood industry had been one of the most active names with Raj Kundra, a renowned businessman, producer, and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's husband.   

It professes that Gehna Vasisth and Raj Kundra created pornographic movies and were taken into custody for the same. When the Mumbai Police arrested Raj Kundra, Gehna Vasisth came out in support of him. She has made some bold statements regarding the people in the past but is known among people for being involved in Raj Kundra's case. 
However, later research revealed that erotic sn bold films were considered obscene pornographic material. 
Gehna Vasisth and Raj Kundra were bailed for their work. 

 The Hindu samaj is aghast with Geehna Vasisth's decision.

Now the question is will Hindu samaj boycott Gehna Vasisth? Will Gehna be able to live in the building society peacefully? What is the reaction of her acquaintances? What's going to happen next? 
To get answers to such questions of yours stay tuned till we give the next update.

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