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Actor Ajay Devgn talks about his character Bholaa

According to actor-director Ajay Devgn, his next movie "Bholaa" is crazier than the baddies. The film's antagonists are a diverse group who ride and fight swiftly and bravely. Also, they have several controversial dress codes.

Ajay carefully selected them in order to create a lethal group. The motorcycle clubs wear fashionable hoods, face masks, and helmets. Others wear more ethnic clothing.

Speaking of how he hired fashion designer Radhika Mehra to give his villains unique and diverse looks, Ajay adds: “I wanted the menace to travel deep. The objective was to carefully construct different identities for the various baddies who show up in Bholaa’s path.”

“In the world of Bholaa the only one who is crazier than the villains is Bholaa himself..”.

In the film, Ajay plays a hero who will upend each of the villains beyond belief, despite the fact that they are all dangerous and pose a threat to Bholaa's life.


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