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Ace Actor Rajpal Yadav reveals being an All Rounder , shares his life struggle and more

Rajpal Yadav is One of the best comic actors in this generation, Short in stature, but tall in talent, the actor fits in perfectly with the proverb 'good things come in small packages.' Known for his genius comic timing, Rajpal has been tickling our funny bones for decades now. The Actor spoke exclusively with Ashish Tiwari of first India about his journey and more.

Speaking on his journey he shared , “In this industry we are family where we all have to success and failure at the same time. Initially I even had to struggle alot  even for studying especially during the travel. Today everything has evolved. I am a living example of the proverb that lotus blooms in the mud and i am grateful for the journey.”

He added , “I often ask my mom whether i was this way in childhood, and she always tells me that I was different from others and today I realise that it was the actor in me that kept my entire neighbourhood entertained. I never told my family about being an actor , I keep giving them reasons but refrained to inform that I was working in theatre and in the entertainment Industry. In my village the theatre was just a hobby and not a Profession. One thing assured that my parents and friend’s believed in me that whatever i’ll do will be good for my family”

Sharing his family’s reaction when he got into acting he shared , “When I got the role in Mungeri Ka Bhai Naurangilal I was shocked because it was also my father’s name , i told Prakash Jha Sir about this and he was quite excited about the same. When I went to Bihar to shoot for my next the audience recognised me , that incident has been itched in my memory. That was my motivation to work better”

Sharing his experience on working with best directors he shared, “I have been working with David Dhawan , Priyadarshini Sir and Ramuji for past 20 years , they have been the Tridev behind mu journey . If they wouldn’t have been there then I believe Rajpal Yadav wouldn’t have been what he is today. I cannot thank them enough . For that fact all the directors that I have worked with I am very grateful for them.”

Concluding on working in different character roles he shared, “With Me Madhuri Dixit Ban na chahti hu , my director opened all character roles for me , till date I keep trying that all acting ventures are opened for me . I love to be an all rounder the same way it’s in the cricket fields “

Checkout the entire video interview here :

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