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Woh 3 Din Review: Sanjay Mishra Packs A Punch With His Powerful Performance

Starring: Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Payal Mukherjee, Purva Parag, Amzad Qureshi and others

Director: Raaj Aashoo

Producer: Pancham Singh 

Written By: Seepee Jha

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Mumbai (Maharashtra): A film set in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh tell us so much about ourselves that we seldom realise in our mundane life. It not only underlines the hardship the villagers face on a every day basis but it also conveys the kind of raw desires and greed people like us possesses as our characteristic traits.

'Woh 3 Din' is a simple story of a villager who is just a rickshaw puller and works hard to change the fortune of his family. The never ending struggle to fullfill the basic needs of himself, his wife and daughter leads him to a situation which is unwanted for village simpleton named Rambharose. But the decision to rent his cycle rickshaw for 3 days to a man who turns out as mystery man leads Rambharose to unimaginable places. In his uncertain journey with the mystery man Rambharose goes through various situations and emotions he never experienced before.

In a rickshaw puller's role Sanjay Mishra packs a punch with one of his most honest and memorable performance of his career. Sanjay Mishra's agony and intensity of not being able to change the living conditions of his wife and daughter comes across is so on your face that throughout the film you feel sorry for Rambharose.

Writer Seepi Jha's writing is top notch and every character written by her is nuanced to the core. Director Raaj Aashoo treats the subject and each of his character with gloves hand. The film succeeds in touching the emotional nerve of the audiences and stays with you even after you leave the cinema hall.

Rajesh Sharma, the mystery man who rents Rambharose's rickshaw for 3 days for his 'secret mission', also excel in his his well written role. Chandan Roy Sanyal, Payal Mukherjee, Purva Parag and Amzad Qureshi does justice to their well etched out parts. The music and background score of the film elevates the whole mood of the film.

From start to end 'Woh 3 Din' is an immersive experience and is worth watching on the big screen. The impact of the film will leave you mesmerized and more knowledgeable about life in general.

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