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WHOA! For his girlfriend Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor goes semi-nude

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are one of the most loved couples in Bollywood. They often share their mushy photos on social media. And, most recently, the actress has posted a semi-nude photo of Arjun where he is seen naked, hiding his modesty with a cushion. Malaika is receiving severe backlash for posting this private photo of her actor-boyfriend. Several angry netizens called her out asking about her intentions behind sharing such a picture online. 

The actress shared a snapshot of Arjun on her Instagram stories in which he was seen confidently showing himself.  Alongside it, she wrote in the caption, “My very own lazy boy.” With a heart emoji, Arjun reshared Arora's post on his Instagram stories. Kapoor was shown reclining on a sofa in the black-and-white photograph, going completely nude and disguising his modesty. Users are criticising Malaika in this picture, which is trending online. One netizen reshared her post and wrote, “Why is she showing this to us? We don’t want to see a naked Arjun. We can barely tolerate a clothed one.” Another wrote, “Was she drunk when she posted this on her public account?.”

Long all is going on, Malaika and Arjun have been dating for a long. Through a social media post, the pair first declared their relationship as official in 2019. Malaika is 49 years old, Arjun is 37. Due to their significant age differences, the pair frequently receives harsh criticism and internet harassment. 

The pair, though, doesn't let the trolls get to them. The actress stated in an interview that she has never had any 'issues' with Arjun being 12 years her junior and that they are both prepared to make the commitment. 

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