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Virat and Sai From StarPlus Show Recreate One Of The Most Iconic Scene From Veera Zaara, Neitens Hail For A #SaiRat Reunion

StarPlus' show Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has gained a loyal audience because of its intriguing and engaging plot. The show’s twists and turns have paved the way for the viewers to be glued to their television screens with high-octane drama. The story focuses on Sai, Satya and Virat. The upcoming track of the show revolves around Amba and Vijendra, who have finally crossed paths after a long time. Amba and Vijendra had drifted apart and had never attempted to communicate with one another. Sai and Virat identify themselves with Amba and Vijendra. The sequence in the show is a flash back for viewers to the scene in Veer Zara where Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan encounter each other again in court. Similar to this, Virat and Sai also unite as Sai imagines herself to be Amba and Virat to be Vijendra. Is it a dream or a reality? 

Neil Bhatt aka Virat from StarPlus show Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Meiin shares," The audience have been waiting for the #SaiRat reunion, fans are messaging me about it and finally, the audience's wish has been fulfilled- the reunion of Sai and Virat, which is the biggest highlight of the show. The makers decided to give it a bollywood twist. One of the most iconic scenes of Bollywood from the movie Veer Zaara was recreated in the show. The scene from Veer Zaara where the couple unite after several years in court was quite similar to that one where Virat and Sai again encounter each other and reunite. It was an emotional scene where Sai and Virat reminisce about their past and wonder about how their life would have been in the future, if the misunderstandings were resolved."

Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is produced by Rajesh Ram Singh, Piya Bajpiee, Pradeep Kumar, and Shaika Parween. The show airs on StarPlus at 8 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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