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TV also has a lot of competition but new comers are given a chance and thus it’s a healthy competition : Megha Chakraborty

TV also has a lot of competition but new comers are given a chance and thus it’s a healthy competition : Megha Chakraborty

Actress Megha Chakraborty, who originally hails from the city of joy Kolkata, is currently portraying the lead in Imlie and getting a lot of accolades from the loyal fans of the show. Megha who has done shows like Badii Devrani, Krishna Chali London is known for her strong acting skills. So was it a pressure for her to create the success again in Imlie? She says,”Definitely because Imlie was already a hit. The maker wanted some changes in the story and it was a pressure to maintain Imlie like before and to sustain the TRP. I am trying to keep the audience happy and we together as a new team are trying our best. ”

This industry is competitive. How do you see the competition part within your peers?

Megha says, "There is cut throat competition in every field. You face a lot of rejections and sometimes you don’t understand the reasons. It’s all part of our job. Nepotism is there in this industry as well and some people get jobs easily. But later they have to prove their mettle too. Getting the part for them is easy and later showcasing the talent depends on them. People like us who are not from the industry do find it difficult to get a toehold because of less contacts. TV also has a lot of competition but newcomers are given a chance as well so it’s a healthy competition. One has to be talented to be in the long race.” Megha, who is a very good dancer, is a huge admirer of King Khan. She says, "Shah Rukh Khan has always inspired me and I am a die hard fan of his work. I never thought I would become an actor but since I have become I always want to learn from him. I watch every interview of Shah Rukh Khan and that inspires me a lot. The way he speaks there is a spark in his eyes which you cannot ignore.”

Talking about her overall journey Megha says,"The journey has been very good. Ups and downs are there in everyone’s career but I am blessed that things are going great and I am enjoying my work. I wanted to be a dancer, but acting happened suddenly. I just gave my shot in one of the auditions and then I got selected and then my journey started."

Daily shows and TRP go hand in hand. It is a kind of an acid test every week - what’s your take on that? “I wait eagerly for Thursdays. I watch my episodes daily to review my performance. TRP matters a lot and when you are on the track you have to keep yourself updated as to what is going on. In a way you know where we are going short.“

Megha who is a positive person by nature shares her tips for all the newcomers who wants to become an actor.

“Stay positive. People nowadays get frustrated easily, think negatively and make wrong decisions. I would say that please stay strong and keep doing your hard work. Don’t lose your focus and do not divert into different directions.”

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